Lords Lyttelton

What’s in a name? 

A simple question, but the family name of LYTTELTON reveals over 800 years of not only their own family history, but an insight into British history.  

The lives of the LYTTELTON’s  are illustrated in the pedigree below, created using a range of published sources. 

As in any ancient, armigerous and influential family their story includes an array of knights, judges, scholars, MPs, Royalists and Recusants, and what ancient family is not complete without its own tales of high treason and a ghost story?

The family were amongst the makers and shakers in society, with their fair share of ups and downs, intrigue and infamy.  

The LYTTELTON’s influence was indeed far reaching, not only throughout the centuries, but even across the globe to the other side of the world. 

The use and identification of heraldic arms was key to understanding family connections; as found in memorials and heraldry at the family local church of St John the Baptist Church, Hagley and at Worcester Cathedral.  

The coat of arms opposite, is taken from the memorial to George William LYTTELTON 4th Lord LYTTELTON Baron of Frankley 1817-1876 located on the Northside of Lady Chapel, Worcester Cathedral. 

The LYTTELTON’s pedigree connects them to royalty; to King Edward I, via John of Gaunt and to future kings, via the 2nd Earl Spencer and his descendent Diana Spencer, and her son HRH Prince William. 


How the coat of arms above represents the union of two families, LYTTELTON and SPENCER

Dexter (illustrated above on the left)

Argent a chevron between three escallops sable  for LYTTELTON

Sinister (illustrated above on the right)

Quarterly argent and gules, in the 2nd and 3rd quarter a fret or over all, on a bend sable three escallops of the first for SPENCER.

This memorial stone is located near the avenue of trees planted by Charles, the 9th Earl Spencer at Althorp, the SPENCER family home.

The avenue of trees was planted to commemorate the life of his youngest sister Diana Princess of Wales.

You can clearly see the SPENCER family coat of arms illustrated here.


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