Terms and Conditions

The type and style of a commission can vary depending on your needs, your budget and possibly on what the research reveals.  Any piece of work, whatever the size, would be written out as a methodically researched report.   

I could help with one off pieces of research such as those stubborn ‘brick walls’,  a customised commission or you could choose one of the ‘Four Oaks Genealogy’ packages, presenting family history for an agreed number of generations. 

If you have conducted previous research yourself, this can be incorporated into the report.  However, good genealogical practice would mean that I would need to revisit the records myself.  Whilst this might appear to be duplicating work, it  would not necessarily take that long, but will ensure that the report is fully referenced.  Of course, if you have already obtained documents such as birth certificates, this could help cut down the overall cost. 


I must stress that despite any genealogist’s best efforts, some ancestors simply remain elusive, and I cannot guarantee that records will be found or exist for every ancestor or event.  

Therefore the cost for research will be payable even if nothing is found.  

If individuals or relevant records cannot be found for the Two, Three or Four Oaks packages, alternative arrangements agreed with the client will be made in order to make a suitable alternative family tree report.  

What is guaranteed is that whatever the size of the commission, it will result in a methodically researched report, including all negative results from searches made. This will enable future researchers the benefit of knowing what work has been previously completed. 

Most importantly, whatever the size or style of your report, the hours needed and therefore the costs would be agreed in advance, enabling you to stay in charge of your budget at all times. 

I  keep you informed of progress at key stages of the commission, and would only proceed beyond your original remit with your consent.

My current rate is £25 per hour (2019).  The total time calculated for any commission includes the time required for research and also the time for writing up the report.   

There is no minimum  number of hours for a commission. 

I request half of the total cost to be paid in advance, with the balance to be paid on completion after which I will submit the report.   

Additional charges would include for example; obtaining GRO birth, marriage and death certificates (either £7 digital or £11.00 paper copy) or wills (£10).  Other records may incur a charge, but this will be agreed with the client before they are obtained.  

If you have already obtained documents such as birth certificates, this could help cut down the overall cost.  

If a visit to a record office or archive is required, then public transport costs will also be charged, including travel time (excluding first one hour) and costs for archive photo permits or photocopies.  

Depending on the size or style of the commission, the report can be supplied as a pdf at no extra charge to the client.

See my ‘Gift ideas and genealogy packages’

By cheque, BACS or PayPal

All information you provide will be treated securely, in confidence and will not be shared with anyone else.  

Choose one of my family tree packages to make an ideal gift and something that will last as a treasured family heirloom.

The ‘Four Oaks’ Package that I offer for example, could possibly identify your ancestors dating back to the late 18th century.  Based on a total of 20 hours at my current rate per hour, the ‘Four Oaks’ package comprises  research and a  full written report including citations, a pedigree chart, records from the early 20th century and 19th century such as census returns, and up to 15 original General Register Office certificates (see charges).  

Where possible, each of the three packages on offer include identifiable siblings for each generation,  historical maps and family photos if available and is presented in a smart family tree folder. 

After your initial enquiry,  I will draw up a ‘free of charge’ plan for research, and provide you with the potential time scale and costs. 

I need to see all previous relevant research and copies of documents either emailed or posted at your own expense.  

This will ensure I can provide a satisfactory assessment, and therefore an accurate  quote for the commission for the research and report.